Help with Complaints

Sometimes the work or conduct of a solicitor may become the subject of a complaint. Devon and Somerset Law Society offers a legal complaints conciliation scheme to help to resolve complaints against its members.

DASLS members in the South-West handle thousands of client matters every year. By far the majority are completed to the total satisfaction of the client. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong and the work or conduct of the solicitor is the subject of a complaint. This may simply be a result of a misunderstanding or a breakdown in communication or may be more serious concerning poor service, fees, the solicitor's conduct or in some instances negligence.

Whatever your complaint we will help you decide what action you should take. If the matter concerns poor service we can help resolve this quickly using our local complaints conciliation scheme that seeks to re-establish the Solicitor / Client relationship.

In this, the Society acts as a go between encouraging it's member firms to deal effectively with complaints made against them. It will not represent either party.

The Society will not offer a second opinion on the substance of legal advice given. It is not a regulatory body and does not have powers to discipline its members. However it can act quickly to facilitate a resolution of many disputes before they go too far.

Making a complaint

All firms of solicitors are required by The Law Society to have a dedicated complaints procedure. Most complaints are dealt with quickly and effectively by the firm concerned. If you wish to complain you should contact your solicitor's firm immediately. Ask for the partner responsible for handling complaints.

Should the matter not be resolved:

Contact Devon & Somerset Law Society using our online form below or telephone 01392 366333 or E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.We will record details of your complaint. These details will be passed to a Complaints Officer who will:
 •    contact your solicitor's firm advising them that a complaint has been made.
 •    discuss what steps can be taken to resolve the matter.
 •    where appropriate offer to conciliate between you and your solicitor.
 •    and take whatever steps they feel appropriate to assist you and your solicitors to resolve the matter.

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